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Creating a home is a rite of passage that we all experience at some point in our lives. When I was furnishing my own home I was looking for unique interior design items within a standardized market. Sadly, the quality décor items I craved were out of my investment range and I found it difficult to find a retail destination that catered to my style.

Like most people, I went to the big home furnishing stores and bought all the basics, from a bed and sofa to a dining table. When those items were delivered to my home, however, I realized my space looked like a showroom. It lacked personality and finesse. I still loved what I had chosen but, on its own, this furniture said nothing about me or my family. From that point onward I made it my mission to create a personalized home that I would feel comfortable in and be proud of. I began little by little, trip by trip. My husband and I have always enjoyed travelling and take every opportunity to do so that we can. Every time I returned from a location I brought something back with me: wooden bowls from Bangkok, blankets from Turkey, bronze trays from Dubai. Before I knew it, I had created a rich and varied home defined by the details. These home accessories created a complete representation of my personality.

Traveling the world to pick up custom pieces is not a cheap nor easy task. But I wanted to give people a more affordable way to fill their homes with items from around the globe, with all the convenience of shopping online.

This is the story of how Corotos Market was born. Some of the pieces in our curated selection are antiques, many of them are unique, and all of them are beautiful. We hope that you enjoy exploring as much as we have enjoyed creating it.

Alexandra Vasquez

CEO & Founder